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Service-oriented hundred percent dedicated service

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What is the stage lighting
Release date:2013-12-22 L S
Stage lighting, also known as the "stage lighting", referred to as "light". Stage one of the means of the art form. Use of stage lighting equipment (such as lighting, slide, control systems, etc.) and technical means, with the development of the plot, the light color change display environment, rendering the atmosphere, highlighting the central figure, to create a sense of stage space, a sense of timing, shape external image of the stage, and provide the necessary lighting effects (wind, rain, clouds, water, lightning). Stage Lighting Lighting design, stage cloth constitute an important part of the performance space alone, according to the development of the plot the characters as well as the specific scene of a full range of visual environment and the purpose of the design intent to the audience a visual image reproduction artistic creation. Should be comprehensive, system considerations characters and plot space modeling, rigorous follow the shape of the law, the use of a good means of modeling. Including: First, shape the image of the role of performances scenario, creative description A) Description of the external image - the main light source, ambient light, backlit outline B) psychological description - dialogue, monologue, memories, hopes, fantasies C) creative description - figurative, abstract, realistic and non-realistic Second, the performance of the stage space-time environment required by the plot A) the performance of the space environment - B) the environmental performance of the time - C) the environmental performance of the season - D) Other environmental performance - Three grasp stage performances plot atmosphere constructive relations A) the relationship between brightness - the brightness of the formulation / perspective / Ming rush, dark back / contrast control / high-profile - emphasis / low-key - the effect is significant B) color relationships - reality / decorative / saturation temperature / primary color contrast - the color contrast between the C) Spatial and temporal relationships between light district space - time color change / change / sense of perspective / sense of distance D) Performance relationship - emotional communication / psychological resonance E) the form of the relationship - natural / exaggeration / abstract F) the aesthetic relations - the creation of performances and arrangements; aesthetic standard / the performance effects / literacy G) the concept of subjective and objective relations - subjective performance plot; objective reproduction performances of light space H) primary and secondary relationship - key figures and non-key figures, people and King effect - bright people with bright King; emphasis - weakening the non-key local fulcrum - the whole play area I) the situational relationship - the same scene can produce different lamp light effect, so that the King of love; love the King J) the creative vocabulary Relations - independent creative; closely related to the plot; constitute a continuous screen lights effect Fourth, technical support, and the implementation of A) The visual characteristics - phototaxis / adaptability / fatigue, stage lighting B) appropriate brightness - theater, as well as the size of the auditorium / appreciate the scenario requirements of distance / content / Floodlight Distance / projection area / power / light efficiency utilization C) optical combination - the use of lighting performance / multi-lamp arranged / lamp combination shared / the sentinel light / single lamp special lights / effects equipment applications D) the effect of light cloth - angle for light - cast light direction / zone combinations convergence / lamps hidden way - exposed the way E) control and operation - dimming - changing voltage / plot coincides space-time conversion / change the timing - lines - body - melody - sound / programming, operation, management

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