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Service-oriented hundred percent dedicated service

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Lighting sound development of the industry trend
Release date:2010-12-27 L S

Lighting sound development of the industry trend

Conference broadcast on the audio and lighting systems industry, the next five years is an important period of development. First of all, the whole industry, market concentration to further enhance the brand's market share at home and abroad the gradual change in the ratio would be the inevitable trend. Several international and domestic well-known brands, will come to dominate the direction of the entire development of the industry, some foreign and domestic brands will escape the fate of being eliminated; domestic brands relative market share of foreign brands will be gradually improved, the industry will also be present out an important feature, but the domestic brands overall catch-up process will also continue a long time.

     Of course, the whole industry, so expect more to make is based on the major domestic manufacturers in product, technology, marketing and service go hand in hand in many areas of the foundation. The face of aggressive foreign well-known brands trend, the domestic firms only from the most basic of products and technologies to enrich and increase the level of competition in the market's own chips, in order to avoid being eliminated in order to promote "Made in China" go on and go out. Operation in a mature market economy environment, marketing and services play a role can not be underestimated, compared to domestic manufacturers in this area are relatively less homework done, but the failure of past market experience in practice, once again Note, for products and technologies are still relatively weak domestic firms, should put emphasis on marketing and services brought about by external effects, it is necessary to uplift these two factors, with the products and technology such as height. Among the many industrial product design and manufacturing technology level, intelligence, networking, digital and wireless technology is a general trend of development. Lighting and conferences for professional audio industry, broadcasting systems, network-based digital control architecture, wireless signal transmission, as well as intelligent control system as a whole, will gradually occupy the mainstream of technology applications in the process. Meanwhile, the appearance of the product design, will be further integration into the international trends and trends, internally and externally to further narrow and well-known international brands in the demand-side level of knowledge and recognition of degree of difference, to gain greater access to the state's major project opportunities.

     Overall, the future a longer period of time, the domestic lighting and professional audio broadcasting system meeting the development prospects of the industry is quite encouraging. The strong growth in external demand, domestic and foreign firms competitive market and industry interaction and the constant improvement of the normative, all indicate that the industry will usher in a new round of rapid growth. Of course, negative factors for the industry also exists, in recent years, the upstream raw material prices continue to rise, to control the operation and management costs manufacturers the ability to put forward higher requirements in this background, the industry and existing large and strong companies has shown a certain degree of comparative advantage.


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