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Stage lighting control techniques and taboos
Release date:2010-12-27 L S

Stage lighting control techniques and taboos

In the manipulation of light, you can not have any arbitrary, since lighting control operation has its own norms and skills, otherwise, will lead to light bulbs, lamps, light damage-control station, and even cause fires, causing serious damage.

     The following is the actual work that often appear in misuse, to point out that learning a lesson.

     1. In the light bulb cold state, lurches violently to push light (full) light, the result might be bulbs "popping" gave the decrepitation; or tungsten filament bulb caused by fuse.

     (1) Because light bulb in the production process, the glass bulb shell thickness inevitably uneven, leading to uneven heating of the phenomenon. When the light bulb suddenly pushed, it will cause the glass bulb shell moment to heat up, just like in life to an empty glass to fill the hot water inside the same effect.

     (2) After you are finished using lights, light bulbs by the thermal cooling process, will absorb water molecules in the air, these water molecules will remain in the bulb's glass shell gathering. When you suddenly push the light bulb, the glass shell of water molecules, it seems to boiling water inside the oil with the same effect, light bulbs decrepitation is also logical thing.

     (3) suddenly pushed bright lights will cause instant shock current (rise), so that will be easily dissolved tungsten bulb off.

     Operation technique: When the light bulb in the cold state (before the opening ago), it will only push the fader control of Taiwan from the point (often said that the state of the calendar), so that micro-lamp light, let in a warm state, so that the heat evenly, while evaporation condensation on the bulb glass shell of water molecules, preheat a few minutes later, it pushed a little brighter, then warm after a few minutes before they would be shifting the bright lights.

     2. Avoid the dimming Taiwan fader pushing full state, then open the box the power of silicon. As a result, and the above result is the same, both will damage bulb. Taiwan should be dimming all of the fader is turned off, the line to open the power of silicon box.

     3. Avoid the switch device, it will be light controlled Taiwan and silicon case reversed the order of power. Open the power supply when the first Dakai Deng power control units, and then open the box of silicon power; turn-off, first turn off the power of silicon box, turn off lights after the power-control units. If you reverse the operation if the order would be OK to do all lights are flashing about, this will affect the lamp life.

     4. Avoid pushing the bulb lights, a big move shaking lamps. Tungsten filament light bulb breakage or loss will result.

     After the light bulb, the temperature gradually increased, tungsten wire accordingly become soft at the same time by the impact of gravity, tungsten filament sagging accordingly (if the bulb is not used within the screw-shaped tungsten filament, such a phenomenon is particularly obvious) , this time shaking lamps big moves, they should also wait until the light completely cooled, square removable.

     5. Never replace the bulb, the direct hand contact with light bulbs, this would affect the bulb of the finish, while the other hidden hazards leading to the decrepitation bulb.

     (1) grease on the finger or fingers with the bulb's glass surface friction will leave "scars", thus affecting the light bulb finish and transparency, thus affecting the normal illumination of the light bulb.

     (2) If there is sweat on the fingers, fingers and the light bulb "intimate" contact, the sweat of the salt molecules will absorb water molecules in the air, once the light bulb on the water, when the light bulb when the temperature sharply, it is easy decrepitation of.

     Skills: the replacement bulb, we must first put on the gloves, Zaiqu contact bulb. If there are no gloves, light bulbs can be packaged sponges, soft tissue paper or plastic wrap, and then install, after installation, we must remember that these inclusions take down, in order to avoid a fire when you push the light bulb.

     6. Avoid exposure to light the back light tone is too out of focus. Focus will be too short to be installed on the lamp's color paper color fades, loss of color or, worse, they will be colored paper out of a hole in the burning grill. If the direct distance from the lamps and flammable materials too close, non-point is likely to be contingent.

     Skills: in adjusting the light beam irradiation, the tone was a little astigmatism that is better, if it is not enough illumination, can add lamps.

     7. Avoid changing color device installed at the same time forgot to install protective net enclosures, protective net cover is to prevent the bulb explosion splash wounding and burn items

     Like the back light block pendant no two slots, by which a file is loaded with protective net cover, but outside of a block is loaded color Used for change, and some have been fixed within the PAR lamp protective net cover, this is not on the quite good do?

     8. Remember that the thermal light source lamps and flammable curtain from too "affectionate." Many years ago, the Northeast a school performance in a course, it is because light will be lit curtain caught fire, causing hundreds of deaths and injuries of the crew. Therefore, the lighting and curtain to maintain a certain distance between the light-induced important. 300W lamp direct the direction and distance from the curtain not less than 3cm, side lamps, tail and curtain (static state) of the distance of not less than 2m, if the curtain swinging great extent, it is possible close to the lamps, preferably in the lighting and the curtain in the middle to set up a metal isolated network to prevent the curtain on a ride in the lamp caused a fire. 500W or more lamps, direct distance of 5m away from curtains, side, rear, and curtain outside the distance of 3m.

     9. Never will be installed lighting power than the power provided by manufacturers. Silicon light boxes for each circuit of the load on the power in the instructions described in detail. Generally speaking, each loop carrying power of a 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW. Take 6KW, for example, silicon inside the SCR, also known as solid-state relay is 60A, calculations, and is capable of carrying power is 13.2KW, anyway have a great power of space, in this loop can be installed on more than 6KW Light a. In my opinion, only consider the light bulb moment generated in the fusing current, so consider the problem is one-sided. Besides no reason manufacturers do not leave such a high-power thyristor, which is a grain of truth inside. Look at an example that one.

     A four-star hotel's engineering staff found that the maintenance room lamps, bedside lamps within a 60W incandescent bulb burned out, but also found that the jurisdiction of the light pipe has a 6A fuse insurance, and we all know , a 60W incandescent bulb in the operating current of 0. 27A, ie 60W tungsten light bulb filament in the fuse of the moment generated by more than 6A current, excluding the insurance margin of error of tube 1A, then, that light bulb fuse instantaneous current is its operating current of 5 times. Silicon box manufacturers in the design of each circuit of the thyristor current is only 2.2 times the actual load current, this gas a bit too small, so the use of light-controlled Taiwan for some time, you will find more damage as the light bulb, silicon box SCR has also been the breakdown, lighting, constant light to shut down or non-dimmable correspondingly increased recently in the phenomenon.

     10. Avoid connecting load, resulting in unbalanced. As we all know, lighting dimmer pack input power, the majority of three-phase four-wire system. In the light load when connected to the silicon case, if not through the allocation of blindly connecting the load will be light, it could result in unbalanced three-phase phenomenon. So, when pushed bright lights, you'll feel the difference in light between the light and shade.

     For example, there is a 18 circuit dimming Taiwan, which each circuit carrying power is 6KW, input power 380V, it's 1-6 months at the C-phase circuits. Did not take the load before the measurement with the multimeter A, B, C, three relatively zero line voltage is 220V. Suppose silicon box loop a total of 1-6 months received a 36KW lighting load circuits, 7-12 received a total of 18KW lighting load 13-18 circuits received a total of 6KW light load. This case, all the bright light to push, and then multimeter measure, A relatively small change measurement results are 200V, C is relatively small change of the measurement results is 220V, this is the three-phase unbalanced phenomenon tells us that the more load , the more obvious the voltage drop, voltage and low voltage is higher than the one-phase light phase of a light illumination is significantly lower.

     Operating skills: In addition to install lights at the three is equal to the total power allocated to each phase of power. Take the example above, for example the number of power: 600KW In addition to 3 is equal to 20KW, which 1-6,7-12,13-18 loops of the load of each phase 20KW, this three-phase voltage balance.


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